I’m Luna, a Middlebury College student. I’m interested in the intersections of food, privilege/poverty, and community building. This summer I’m studying food systems with a Middlebury program called FoodWorks, and involved in weekly discussions on privilege and poverty. I’m also interning at Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects (HOPE) in Addison County with their Local Food Access program. This blog is a space for reflecting on my experiences this summer, and how these experiences complicate surface-level understandings of food-systems.

Navigating this blog: on the left side of this blog there are different topics with posts in each

  • FoodWorks: writings on food-system issues that we explore in FoodWorks
  • Free Materials: resources (i.e. infographics, recipes) that I’ve created for HOPE that are accessible for anyone on the world wide web !!
  • Internship: writings on my experience as an intern at Addison County’s food bank HOPE

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